Ogawa Active ReviewBuying a massage chair is not always an easy task. There are a lot of choices out there, and the hardest part is finding the massage chair that is right for you. They all have different designs, feature sets, and price points. The hard part is finding the combination that is best for you.

The good thing is that Ogawa has made that task easier for you. Earlier this year they released the Ogawa Active SuperTrac. It offers the best in full body massage, and it features one of the most comprehensive massage roller tracks on the market, the SuperTrack.


Quality Design

The Ogawa Active has a nice quality design. It is sturdy when you sit and mover around in it and the rollers move smoothly up and down the massage track. It uses very high-quality synthetic leather that was noticeably thicker than most massage chairs. The assembly of the chair was really easy too. You need two people to get the chair where you need it to be set up, but the install itself is pretty easy. We would put the quality of the design up there with the Panasonic‘s. From our understanding, the Ogawa Active is actually manufactured on the same line as the Panasonic chairs.


Massage Rollers

The SuperTrac roller path available on the Ogawa Active massage chair is one of the most comprehensive roller tracks available on any massage chair. It was specifically designed so that it could provide a massage to the entire curve of the spine. When the chair is in the upright position it can massage the neck and back. When it is in the lying down position, also known as the bed position, it can massage your neck all the way to the glutes. The Ogawa Active Supertrac is one of the few chairs that can massage both the glutes and also the neck, shoulders, and back, and still be able to recline to a full 180 degrees. It is almost like having two massage chairs in one.


Reclining Abilities

One of the unique features of the Ogawa Active Supertrac is its ability to massage the glutes, and still go into a full 180 degrees recline. You also have the option of two zero gravity positions. No matter which position it is in, a soothing massage is given that goes along the entire length of the spine. The reclining is so comfortable because each position cradles the spine, and the roller track adjusts to fit the natural curve of the spine.



Ogawa Active Recline Angles



The Ogawa Active Supertrac also has a top of the line foot roller. The bottom of your feet can be worked on thanks to the reflexology rollers. The air compression massage will help get rid of the tension in your overworked feet and legs. Not only does the footrest have wonderful massage capabilities, but it can also be adjusted. This will help the chair be comfortable for you no matter if you’re 5’ or 6’4”.


Air Compression Technology

When you look at any massage chair review, you want to know about the unique technologies that it offers. The Ogawa Active has 56 air chambers perfectly placed along the length of the chair to provide you with a full body compression massage. A compression massage helps increase circulation throughout your entire body. It also reduces inflammation, which helps promote relaxation and speeds up muscle recovery. One thing that really makes this air compression technology unique is the high quality, multi-layer materials that are used in their production. The material feels softer and more like human hands than other air chambers.


Massage Techniques and Programs

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac has plenty of massage programs to keep you busy. You can choose from 9 different pre-programmed massages that use six different massage techniques to provide a full body massage experience. These include Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling. The massage programs use a combination of massage techniques, air compression, and vibration in order to deliver a one of a kind full body massage experience. The programs combine different massage strokes, speeds, strength and intensity to deliver invigorating, therapeutic massages.


Customization Abilities

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac also lets you customize your massage. You can add extra heat or vibration with the press of a single button. You can also pick a specific spot to be targeted by the massage chair if you feel that you have a problem area. You can pick the strength of the massage that you want. There are five levels to choose from. These features can all be changed, which allows you to choose how you are massaged.


Additional Features

This chair has other special features that make the chair unique. The Ogawa Active SuperTrac has a USB port that allows you to charge your phone while you get a massage. Using the remote you can pause the massage or even add time to get a longer massage. Additionally, the back padding of the chair can be removed if you want a deeper massage.


Last Thoughts

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a massage chair. It offers one of the most comprehensive massage tracks in the industry. It has an attractive look. It really blends the quality furniture with the best in robotic massage chair design. If you’re looking for a great quality massage chair for the price, then put the Ogawa Active SuperTrac on your wishlist.

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