Infinity IT-8500 ReviewToday we are going to take a look at the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair. It is one of Infinite Therapeutics top of the line full body massage chairs. The Infinity IT-8500 massage chair is an upgrade to the popular IT-8200 and offers some cool new features. I have tried the IT-8200 before at a trade show, and have recently had the chance to try the IT-8500. I have to say that this chair is a great all around full body massage chair and it offers a great deep tissue massage along the entire spine, as well as a soothing foot massage. Let’s take a further look at our Infinity IT-8500 review.

Assembly of the Infinity IT-8500

The assembly of the IT-8500 was fairly simple and the hardest part was moving the chair around. The base of the chair is pretty heavy, so I highly advise finding a friend to assist with the installation; this is much cheaper than white glove delivery, and your friend will probably be happy with a couple free massages. The overall assembly took about 45 min and consisted of attaching the ottoman, arms, speakers, and connecting air hoses, which is very typical of the assembly of any massage chair. One thing I do suggest is that you make sure to choose a place for the massage chair where you do not plan to move it for a while. The chair is heavy, so the less you have to move it the better. Now that we have the Infinity IT-8500 fully assembled, let’s take if for a test drive.

Features of the Infinity IT-8500

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the IT-8500 by Infinity Massage Chairs. It is a deep tissue massage chair, and it delivers a nice deep massage on all levels. If you like an intense massage, then this chair may be great for you. But, if you are someone that is a little more sensitive, then I would look for a massage chair with the ability to go a little less intense. Also, the body scan technology is precise and accurate, and can tailor a massage for an individual between 5’ to about 6’ 5”. So if you are over 6’, this is a great chair to consider. It also has two zero gravity positions, MP3 capabilities, and an updated sound system, which helps enhance the overall massage experience. The Infinity IT-8500 retails for $3,995, and is definite worth the price.

The Infinity IT-8500 has a nice sleek look and it is made of high-quality synthetic leather, which gives it a good look. The remote control is easy to use and Infinity even provides a quick start guide to help you get acquainted with the chair. The Infinity IT-8500, like most full body massage chairs, offers body scan technology, quad style rollers, and an S-track design.

It is able to scan your back, determine your body type, and then customize the massage to fit you. It has great pre-programmed massages that use a combination of massage techniques, air massage, foot rollers, zero gravity and seat sway to deliver a both a refreshing and relaxing massage. The Infinity IT-8500 also has spot and zone features that let you personalize the massage even more. These features allow you to massage either an exact spot or just a partial zone of your back. This is great for getting those annoying kinks in your back.

Zero Gravity Recline of the Infinity IT-8500

Infinity IT-8500 Zero Gravity ReclineAnother great feature is the zero gravity recline. This is becoming more of a common feature in most full body massage chairs today as it definitely adds a new element to the massage. The zero gravity position, which was pioneered by NASA, is a recline position where the seat back reclines and the chair seat inclines about 30 degrees. This elevates your knees above your heart, which in turn increases circulation. This position also removes all the pressure off the spine letting you relax to the fullest. Once you try it you will understand how great it is. Another cool feature that the Infinity IT-8500 has is mechanical foot rollers. This is a feature that Infinity has in most of their top of the line chairs, and is another feature becoming common on high-end massage chairs. This is a great feature if you are someone who works on their feet all day and has sore feet also has nodes in foot area that squeeze the back of the heel. This is very nice and relieving.

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