Have Your Own Massage Therapist at Home with the Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage ChairRegularly visiting a massage therapist can become expensive quickly. For those of you who need frequent in-depth massages, having your own massage chair is a more cost-effective option than seeing a professional. However, you might not know which chair on the market offers the highest performance while still being affordable for the average consumer, or if such a desirable combination even exists. The good news is that it does and you don’t need to read every massage chair review to find out what it is. The Ogawa Refresh Plus is the perfect balance of professional quality and reasonable pricing. This Ogawa Refresh Plus review will explain why this is the best chair for you to buy.


The first thing that will catch your eye when using the Ogawa Refresh Plus for the first time is its look. It has a similar design to most massage chairs, but it uses a unique material that gives it a sporty look. The material is supposed to be higher quality, and will not tear as easily. Also, if someone gets a little sweaty in the chair you can easily wipe it away. This is perfect for any active people who may use the chair right after working out. We love the material, and we hope to see some massage chair in the future use the same because it is easier to maintain, and it just looks cool.  There are 2 colors to choose from Black/Cappuccino and Brown/Dark Ivory.

Body Scan Technology

The Ogawa Refresh Plus fits a person as short as 5’ to as tall as 6’3” and adjusts to body width as well. It has a high-tech body scanner that detects where your body parts are positioned in the chair so the quad rollers can be positioned exactly to your curvature. It also makes micro-adjustments for a more-customized, snug fit. The goal is to get you as relaxed and comfortable as possible for the maximum enjoyment of your massage and better results.

Massage Features

This massage chair review wouldn’t be complete without analyzing all the top features. The Ogawa Refresh Plus massage chair has the innovative technology to give you the deep, full-body massage. Let’s check out some of the features below.

Deeper Neck Massage

One of the best features of the Ogawa Refresh Plus is a deep stress relieving neck massage. The Refresh Plus has Smart curve S-Track technology that puts constant pressure on the entire s-curve of your spine.  The Smart curve adds an extra emphasis on the cervical curve of the spine, allowing for a deep neck massage. The Ogawa Refresh hands down has one of best neck and shoulder massages and is one of the main reasons to consider this massage chair.

Zero Gravity Recline

Taken from NASA, the zero-gravity position raises your feet to the same level as your heart to take off all the strain of gravity on your spine and stress on your heart. Your circulation increases, your spine aligns correctly, and your lungs expand. The resulting sensation is that of weightlessness and complete relief. Even more exciting, you have not just one, but two zero-gravity settings to choose from. You can also adjust the angle of the recline and ottoman lift manually to create the perfect position.


There are 36 multi-layered, ribbed airbags installed to reach every part of your body, though the majority of them are located in the leg and foot areas of the Ogawa Refresh Plus. The airbags enhance the massage experience by providing compression massage. This enhances the massage through pressure and air compression you can control in five settings. The wave-like movements imitate those of a skilled massage therapist to make you feel like a real person is working on you. You’ll forget you’re in a scientifically advanced piece of furniture and not in human hands.

31-Inch Roller Stroke

Two rollers cover 31 inches in length to give you the impression of human thumbs smoothly massaging from the base of your neck all the way down your spine for a more realistic experience. It’s yet another attribute that makes you feel as if you have your own personal massage therapist.

Acupressure Foot Roller Massage

The foot roller massage in the Ogawa Refresh Plus set it apart from previous and related models, as revealed in each massage chair review. There are two rollers that spin to knead your tired feet and stimulate acupressure points for a touch of reflexology.

Massage Programming

Ogawa Refresh Plus Touch Screen TabletThe Ogawa Refresh Plus has a perfect amount of massage techniques and advanced programming to keep you relaxed for days. Just use the Touch Screen Tablet to choose one of the pre-programmed massages. Tthe massage roller in a combination with the air compression to provide an amazing full body massage. It utilizes six different massage styles that include:

  • Rolling: long strokes on the muscles near the spine
  • Kneading: strokes that lift and stretch your muscles
  • Clapping/Tapping: light, rapid taps that promote circulation in deep muscles
  • Shiatsu: small, circular motions along the spine
  • Swedish: long strokes that warm up your muscles
  • Combo: a combination of different styles

Personalize Your Massage

Easily customize your massage. There are different full air pressure massages for the upper and lower body. There is a squeezing sensation for the neck. You can get a gentle, bubble-like vibration in the seat. Best yet, it offers lower back heat therapy to ease tension and soothe the pain. You have five levels of speed and intensity to find what is most effective and pleasurable for you.

Special Features

As if all the innovative features detailed in our massage chair review aren’t amazing enough, the Ogawa Refresh Plus also comes with some extra features worth talking about. It has a timer you can set in five-minute increments, from as short as five minutes to as long as half an hour. You can adjust the levels of back speed, air intensity, foot extension, and chair position as well. The settings are on an easy to use remote that fits seamlessly into the side pocket. The chair comes with a 5-year warranty, and you can pay more for an additional 3-year warranty too.

Get a Massage Anytime in Your Own Home

After reading our Ogawa Refresh Plus review, you can see why it is the best massage chair available for the price. The combination of advanced technology, customized settings, and ultimate comfort built into the Ogawa Refresh provide you with all the benefits of human touch and personalization and in the privacy and convenience of your own home. The icing on the cake is its exceptional price so you save money both on the chair and on cutting out weekly visits to the massage therapist.

Final Thoughts

The Ogawa Refresh Plus massage chair sells for around $2,499 and it is a steal at this price. If you catch it on sale for under $2,000, grab it before the price goes back up. If you carry a lot of tension in the neck, then you will definitely want to consider this massage chair. It offers the best deep neck and shoulder massage on any massage chair under $3,000 and has every feature you need in a full body massage chair. For the price and features, you will not find many chairs as good of a value than the Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair.

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